Walking Tips

Whether you are a novice or seasoned athlete, there is no greater exhilaration than the feeling of conquering a personal challenge, such as completing CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes Challenge for example! (wink, wink)

Buddy up or join a team
Preparing for Walk In Her Shoes alongside some friends or colleagues may appeal to your competitive nature and be a welcome change to your regular routine.

Wear the right footwear
It’s very important that you have the right footwear to ensure minimal pressure on your joints and avoid blisters.  We want you to walk safe!

Take care not to over-exert
Symptoms of overexertion include excessive muscle/joint soreness, increased recovery time, recurring illness, exhaustion, lack of energy/drive, increased resting heart rate, inflammation and increased risk of injury. And rememer to drink lots of water!  We want you to take good care of your bod!

Keep a diary
By keeping a diary of your experiences - your mood, food intake, energy levels and progression - you can reflect on your own experience while learning about the challenge faced by girls and women in poor countries. (hint: there's an app for that)

Eat clean and avoid processed foods
While you may feel that walking is burning off excess calories and giving you a license to overindulge, an active body requires slow burning fuel, constant blood sugar levels and a higher demand for nutrients. Be kind to your body and nourish it with a variety of clean, unprocessed foods.

And most of all ... enjoy your walk!